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industrial digital thermometer & thermostat


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Product sku: 469791
  • Large, bright display for long distance observation
  • Output terminal for connecting cooling/heating device
  • Adjustable temperature-alarm range from +95 to -55 degrees
  • Adjustable temperature-control range from +95 to -55 (independent of temperature-alarm)
  • Real-time temperature from +99 to -56 degrees Celsius
  • Standard 10k Ohm NTC sensor
  • Optical warning on temperature exceeding specified range
  • Audible alarm on temperature exceeding specified range (can be enable/disable)
  • Alarm output terminal, to connect to siren, Auto dialer, BMS and ...
  • Alarm output delay from 0 to 9 minutes
  • Connect to 220 AC power via switching power supply
  • One year warranty

A digital thermometer with a large, illuminated screen that makes it easy to monitor temperature in industrial environments. Body is made of black wood and seven-segments are large-size and red-colored in order to be readable from a distance (about 20 meters).

Device's multiple alarm system, can notify situation wherever you are. Alarm is announced in optical, audio and also through alarm output terminal. You can set high/low temperature limits according to your needs. As soon as temperature exceeds specified range, alarm system is activated and will be deactivated after the temperature returns to standard range.

You can connect alarm output to a siren, auto dialer, building management system (BMS) or any type of alarm device. Output terminal can triggered immediately or delayed. You can set delay time between 1 and 9 minutes or set it to 0.

This thermometer & thermostat can also control and maintain temperature in specified range. Just connect cooling/heating device to control terminal and set the desired temperature range. Temperature control function in this model is always-active. Control temperature range is independent of alarm and can have completely different range.

Temperature sensor is NTC with standard resistance of 10k ohm and therefore, if a suitable cable is used, it can be located at a much greater distance (up to about 100 meters) from the main device.

Both outputs of device are dry-contact (voltage free) and you can switch any voltage according to your needs.

This device includes an external 5-volt switching adapter which connected to display by terminal.

Typical usages of this device are: all types of cold-rooms and hot-houses, incubators, swimming pools, saunas, aquariums, greenhouses and all environments that need temperature control and monitoring.


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